Our Beloved cartoon accompanied by a symphony orchestra and an interactive show
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Because he shouldn’t have conspired with Auntie Mouseilda! Now, every year, his loyal mouse subjects decorate the tree with him, hoping for a miracle – maybe some loving mouse heart will free the King from the spell, just like Masha once broke the prince's spell!

And it seems such a mouse has been found! But she doesn’t know the story of "The Nutcracker" and we will have to tell her about incredible adventures, the palace, mice and toys, Auntie Mouseilda and the Mouse King, and of course, the magical nut Krakatuk...
Why was the Mouse King turned into a Christmas tree ornament?
Under the magical music of the symphony orchestra, you’ll remember this story, learn the real names of Clumsy and Long One, and meet Auntie Mouseilda. By the way, she’s now retired - knitting mouse blankets and ... breeding cockroaches for everyone who wants them.
If you also want to make sure this is the right mouse - Come!
Толстый и длинный
Look how it goes
"The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" is not just a cinema concert
You can watch as the instruments come to life with each wave of the conductor's magic wand, creating the melody for each scene and character.
A rare opportunity not only to hear but also to see how a symphony orchestra creates magical music.
The continuation of the Nutcracker story
And relive the story of loyalty, courage, miracles, luck, and, of course, true feelings.
A chance to see the beloved cartoon on the big screen
Sing with them in a chorus, become part of the mouse orchestra, take photos for memory, learn to juggle, watch circus tricks, get an autograph from Auntie Mouseilda herself, and go home incredibly happy!
The perfect moment to befriend the mice from the fairy tale:
that is memorable and becomes a kind of talisman for each viewer for life.
Unforgettable emotions and one of a kind final song
A miracle that happens only at New Year Eve
told by characters coming off the screen.
Song here
Show duration 1 hour 40 minutes
Interactive presentation in the foyer starts 1 hour before the show

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King Cinema Concert
An original show that combined animation, circus elements, a dramatic theatrical introduction, a cartoon on the big screen, a symphony orchestra, and a beautiful final song that unites artists and audiences is the result of the inspired work of high-level specialists and a true masterpiece.
All the musicians in the orchestra are virtuosos. They perform the most complex parts easily and effortlessly. The conductor is unique! Without distraction for over an hour, he simultaneously tracks the rapidly changing rhythms in his headphones, follows the plot on a special video monitor, turns the score with his left hand, and conducts the orchestra with the baton in his right hand.

Children, captivated by the plot on stage and screen, easily get acquainted with the appearance and characters of the orchestra's instruments and joyfully immerse themselves in the world of classical music.
Little viewers are delighted with the mouse friends from the cartoon on the big screen, the real large orchestra, and new emotions, while adults remember their childhood, filled with pure energy, rejoice at how easily and freely they managed to open the door to the “Land of Pure Symphony,” and smile.
A ticket to the "Nutcracker and the Mouse King Cinema Concert" will be a wonderful gift for New Year, birthday, or any other holiday.
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The film concert “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” was created with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives
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